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Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions? We're here to help.

What kind of devices does Xavier sell?

We manufacture and sell functional and affordable laptops through our authorized distributors. You can find them and their contact details on the Where to Buy page.

What makes the Xavier laptops suitable for African users?

The Xavier laptops are engineered with an internal cooling system that ensures that you are able to perform resource-intensive tasks for extended periods without the laptop overheating. The engineering also factors in the hot and humid climate common across Africa, which makes devices prone to dust acquisition, to keep the laptop dust- and humidity-free.

Which network's SIM cards can I use with the laptop?

You can use any network’s SIM card with any of the Xavier laptops so long as the SIM card is duly registered with your network and is active.

Where can I buy the Xavier laptops?

You can buy our laptops from any of our authorized distributors close to you. Their contact and location details are on the Where to Buy page.

Can I become an authorized distributor?

Yes! Please send us an email through the form on the Contact page providing your contact details and any other necessary information, and we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible.

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